Friday, December 19, 2008

Hope of change


the dove of peace!!!
i am sitting here drinking sparkling water... i am working from mo to saturaday. i am fine.
in the past i am listening a lot to patrice. raggea!
x mas is comming up. i almost got all presents.
my friend florian is comming home from india. i am looking forward to monday going out with him.
gotta go to bed need to work tommorow.
For the love of peace!
"Teach those with guns the power of speach
Remove the bullets from the breach
and feather a nest for the dove of peace!!!

greetz Klemens

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008


hey Folks,
My trip to New Zealand is getting closer and i am looking forward and getting everything ready.
For april I already got a job as glaser in the most awesome skireagion in Austria.
I will work there for about 4 yrs. then i ll study and might come to make a practica in NY. i know those are plans far from now but i'll work into this direction. Hope I will be able to come see a lot of u than again. :)

greetz from the alps
miss ya all!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new Job

So after a very hard high season i got fired at the tire factory. I was not supposed to work longer than the season.
Now I smothly got a job as christmas stand seller in our capital of upperaustira - Linz. I sell stuff from the handycapped workshops from Diakoniewerk.
I really like this job. I just work 5h a day, from Mo-Sa. It is much easier, than piling up truck tires!
I sit in my little waggon with a radiator sell handmade candels, clay candel holders, cards, crosses, iron birds and so on.
I will put a picture up as soon as I took one.
I am finished by Christmas and than have some spare time to arrange everything for my trip to New Zealand.
I hope everybody has a sillent warm and nice christmas time.

god bless ya'll Klemens

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ein quantum Trost.

So I finally watched the new James Bond. (in german of course)
Regretably I am not able to see American Movies earlier in the cinemas like in NY. But so what I still can download them bevor the americans see them in the theaters. hehe just kidding*
Ahm the new Bond played partly in Austria (Bregenz). I never made it there but i always wanted to go there. I ll go there some time after my New Zealand trip.
The movie was good, but I got a little confused some time. A little much Information combined in that movie. Or maby its just me, i dont know. have phun watching it.
7 out of 10 *******

lg Klemens

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gr├╝zi Folks,
Halloween and the weekend is tomorrow, maybe i ll go out in Linz an dress freaky up. In Austria every year around this time we have a day called Allerheiligen. People go to the graves and pray for the dead ones. So that is the reason why my parents say it is stupid to go out, but still all youth is on the way.
Right now i watch Independence Day. The human are just beating the asses from the aliens.
I still work a lot in the tire factory and i am still tired. I go to bed at 11 and get up arround 6 30.
so good night gotoa go. my mum just offered me some wine

I hope everyone who knows me or reads this blog has an awesome time. have phun @ halloween

lg Klemens

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tires Wondraschek

I got a job at the tire factory in Gallneukirchen. ...and i am TIRED

so long Klemens

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dachstein Icecaves

On Wendsday I went for a mountain trip with the Gutbrunners.
We went to Hallstatt and took the skilift up. First we went to the mamut caves. They are called mamut because they are gigantic cathedral high washed out caves. Later we also went to the Ice caves on the shadeside of the mountain. The ice there is always below the freezinh point.
The cave systems are over 50 miles long. About 1 mile is preparated for tourits. It was really an exciting trip.

Once we saw daylight again we went up all the way to the summit and had an awesome view of gods work.
We walked through foot high snow in Septeber!!!

greetz Klemens

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daniels Birthdayparty

My best friend Daniel had birthday on 9.11, we celebrated it on the weekend on his parents property next to the woods.
we played beer pong for a while.
it was fun but then the austrians wanted to play a game where u have to drink much much faster...better said as fast as u can ... after u hit a target until the oponent put the target up again... hardcore... i am not used to such shit anymore.
Daniel got a waterpipe from the Berndls as bd present and we smoked some good tabacco.
Eitherway the party was a big succes.
In the morning when I woke up in the cold cottage I started the fire again and ran arround wakeing freezing people. I gave them some water to drink and brought them back to the fire.
A few hours later all my family showed up at my home. It was a long day...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cern in 3 minutes - LHC (Large Hardron Colider)

I thought about uploading videos I did not make. I will link more interesting or funny videos in the future.
About the LHC. The start of the first beam was successful. But the first collision with the 2nd one is still outstanding. They will speed everything up to almost the speed of light and then ...nobody knows. Critics say this could happen as well...

Take a look! livecam from Cern

Thursday, September 11, 2008

back in Austria

Hello folks,
I got save back to Austria. Everything is so green here it is wonderful. The variety of food is enormous. ...ah yea i found out that I lost 14 pounds in America!?
But NY was an awesome time I met extraordinary people and became friends with them. NYC is an outstanding city.
When I arrived home i unpacked and started to implement myself again. One of the important things I did the first days, was to cut of the plug of my dell power adapter. As u can see it now has a very nice end and fits into Austrian sockets. :)

The LHC in swiss got launched and it was a huge success. World did not blow up still spins arround the sun. Within the next ten years the scientists will be able to solve more of the worlds secrets.

so much so far. miss u guys from NY
lg Klemens

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tomas Tisch

Labour day (sowas wie der Tag der Arbeit):
Today I visited the studio of Tomas Tisch in Brooklyn. He offered me a job and a place to stay anytime. He is mostly a glass carver and flat glass artist. His studio is at the far end of the quiet Brooklyn bay. The statue of liberty is looking directly into the studio and a nice breeze of saltwater smell comes in the window.
So i might work in the future for him.
At night we went to Joe D. house and had a few beer, nothing much.

lg Klemens

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hamlet 2

Today Kevin and I watched the comedy Hamlet 2. It was a very funny film of a guy who makes a sequel for Hamlet. In the first one everybody dies. So he write the play so that there is a time travel machine to rescue all characters. 8 out of 10 ********

lg Klemens

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Easy, Gustav

Yesterday Kim, Kristen, Kevin, Kristina and me (Klemens - 5 K :)) met at easy street. It was a lot of fun. The girls bought new hats in the city and I was wearing my Abraham Lincoln hat.

Right now they are evacuating New Orleans because of the Hurricane Gustav. The storm already killed a few people further south.
Yesterday the storm had 70 mph. Overnight it gained speed up to 125 mph. I am glad that we were able to visit the city.

thats all...

Update: The storm got today almost got speed up to 150mph. The News say that the storm can reach the category 5, the strongest possible.
Already 1000ds of people are leaving New Orleans. They are good prepared and hope that history does not repeat itself. On the picture I took in NO you can still see the watermark by the entrance of the destroyed beer factory.

greetz Klemens

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Geneva, 7 August 2008. CERN has announced that the first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made on 10 September.
I will get home on the 9th, lets see if the world will go under?!
At least i can spend one day for sure in Austria. :)
Everything will be shown on TV Eurovison.
Cern Press Release
On the picture the room where everything will be operated.
If you want to read what i wrote about the LHC before click here (LHC LINK).

lg Klemens

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The dark knight

Yesterday Bibi, Marion, Chris and I watched the dark knight. It was an outstanding movie. I don't think it connects directly to the old movies, but you can look at it as a single work. The Joker (Heath Ledger) is a really evil bad tough guy. Once a beautiful lady gets blown up. Children started to cry in the cinema.
The movie is rated in for kids from 13 i think, for a reason!
My host dad watched it also with Andrew another day.
I give the movie 10 out of 10 **********
Watch it! But be prepared for lots of fights and really evil scenes.

greetz Klemens

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road Trip

Our trip was a big success and the things we saw on the road were just amazing.
We started in moderate rain to head southeast. Once we were over the long Veranzano Bridge. We drove with maps to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania I started to drive on 2 o'clock in the morning. I drove to and through Maryland till Virginia. We passed the Exit for the Virgina Tech school, were the horrible massacre was a years ago.
In the next state Tennessee we stopped at Knoxville for the 1987 Worlds Fair. There is the Sun's Sphere. ...maybe some of you remember the episode of Bart Simpson stealing a car heading for the fair.
It was actually "dead" like in the show, but it was still in nice shape. We took a free lift to the top and watched the landscape.
After visiting Knoxville we drove to our first mayor stop, were we camped in Cloudland Canyon - Georgia. It is right next to Chattanooga TN. The canyon was very bushy and green.We camped on a nice place in the middle of the woods. We had a campfire sanitary arrangements for just 12$ the night. In the morning we had two 2cm white scorpions with black stings in our tent. Bronwyn put a cap over them and cut of there tails, before I could say a word. I would have just thrown them in the woods again.
After this little adventure we got back on the road. On our way to New Orleans, we had lunch at a cool restaurant in Alabama. Later we stopped in Mississippi at a Emu farm. A nice old lady and her son told us a lot about the Emu holding. We bought gigantic green eggs, which look like dinosaur ones.
Shortly before Louisiana we wanted to see a Nasa Space Station, but they denied us to enter so we left.
We took a very long bridge into the city. (not the very long one who got blown up by the harrier from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.)
It started to rain and dawn. At our final destination in the French Quarter, we stayed at a former slave house. It was very nicely decorated by an old artist lady.
Later we met Michael Deas a world famous artist, he is a friend of a friend. He drew the intro lady with the torch and the clouds in the background of all the Columbian' Movies. He was so warm and welcoming. He invited us into his house and we drank beer and went out together. We all got singed and dedicated copies of the lady.
The next day he showed us around the city all day and we took lots of pictures. He showed us the still ruined city parts the city and the "easy rider" and "Interview with a vampire" cemeteries. Thousands of houses do still have the red X on the house entrance. The people call them Katrina Tattoos. The military marked the walls so that people knew if there were dead or alive persons or animals inside.
Later we jumped over a fence from a destroyed beer factory. We walked in all rooms and on top of the roof. We had the best view of the city and took dangerous pictured of us sitting on beams with a drop of 50 meters.
At night we went to Burbon street were we all had a strong drink on the outside called Hurricane. It is older than the happening.
In the morning I took a flight back to NY that was were my part of the trip ends.
Bronwyn and Jason are still on the road heading west to Texas, Las Vegas, Denver and San Francisco.

so long Klemens

Thursday, August 14, 2008

NY to New Orleans Road Trip

Tonight is the time of our trip. We gonna ride on our 19 year old Mitsubishi 2200km.
We gonna make a stop after 14 h of driving through the night in Chattanuga TN.

View Larger Map
After camping there we head another 7 hours for New Orleans, where we gonna stay at a friends friends house over the weekend. On Monday morning I will take the plane back to NY JFK.
Bronwyn and Jason are going on to Texas Nevada/Las Vegas. In Denver they will drop of the car and take the bus to the west coast and fetch the plane in San Francisco.

so long folks
cya soon

Monday, August 11, 2008

Death Man House Italien Night

Jason shots laserbeam out of his eyeLast night we drove to a abandoned house from a guy who shot himself. The house is from a related member of Bronwyns host family. Bronwyn and her host dad spent a lot of time there cleaning and organizing stuff.
We sat together eating cheese tomatoes bread and wine. Erik played the guitar. By 11 we went home.

greetz Klemens

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bye Bye Party

Yesterday we all met together at Ulrike's house were we had a little party to say goodbye to Meike. She is going back to Germany. In the upcoming month Kristina, Ulrike and I are leaving. I am looking forward seeing all of u again.

...and yes i know the bottle between my leg looks kinda dumb.

lg Klemens

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Montauk Monster - A journey around the globe.

I know it is a little bit macabre. May the sole of that thing rest in peace!
have phun watching it.

German Restaurant

Hello und Serwas
Yesterday I was in the city to pick up my wallet from lost and found. I got everything back except the money. I am just glad that i got my driving license and my IDs.
Bronwyn and I first visited a Museum about Media called Paley (52 street 5-6 ave). I got free entrance tickets from my friend Amber from Bayville. In the museum they had several cinemas were u can walk in and out whenever u want. They also got an exhibition about "Family Guy"
Later we walked down 40 streets to a German restaurant were we met up with James, Joe and Kevin. Pictures are on facebook.

Something different. They found a dead monster in Montauk on Long Island. A lot of people and TV are speculating about what it could be. The cadaver was removed by 3 weird woman, who want to get in contact with scientists. I actually believe it is just a dead ugly animal. Also ORF is writting about it.

lg Klemens

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lost and Found

lost and foundHa! My wallet showed up at Pennstation. Somebody stole my 50$, but my driving license is still in there. I will pick it up in the upcoming days.
Today Bronwyn and I ran on a fitness barcour near Herrics. It was very nice almost like in the Austrian woods and the different training devices. After the running we went back to the peer were Kevin Bronwyns hostkid still was fishing. We did not catch any fish and went back home. In half an hour I start to work.

lg Klemens

Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday I visited Anna in the city. I lost or got stolen my wallet in in the Penn station. I already closed my bank account. Luckily nobody took something off. I get my new card in 5 days.The only thing i really regret what was in is my Austrian driving license. I still do have my international one but it is not valid without the original one. I will use an excuse for the next to month, so far i never had to show it while driving. What I need to do is to get another ID so that i don't have to carry around my passport. I also called lost and found but in the last 24h nothing showed up.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jason S. Party

Yesterday there was Jason's party. There were about 10 German girls and a lot of other funny nice persons. Also our newest au pair Insa Q.
Our au pair group girls dressed up as upper class prostitute. Keith was playing the pimp with cane, purple hat, ruby ring and black suit. I put most the pictures on Facebook.

lg Klemens

Monday, July 21, 2008


Tonight we went bowling and later watched the movie Blow at Insas house.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Nothing much the last time. Andrew, Adam, Jack and I are building a 8 foot (2.5m) wooden playhouse in the back yard. So far we constructed the floor and the frames for the walls. It is a nice project but a lot of work. We want to built in a second floor.
Yesterday Kevin, Kristin, Joe and I have been at Easystreet. Tonight we do not have a plan so far.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach of Fire island

Beach of Fire IslandTo sum up Fire island is a very nice place to visit. Different to Longisland it is much smaller and more Island Feeling. The people in the area we went to there all used little strollers to carry food and other stuff. They did not have cars but a lot of bikes. The houses are all built on wood beams.
It is a 40 min ride with the ferry and then u are in a completely different world.
The long large beaches are visited by a lot of tourists.
The tuque water of the ocean splashes in waves up to 4 meters on the beach and takes everything what does not move with it.
Before sunset we had a cocktail in one of the local bars. Then we went on the ferry to get back to our car. The sun was sinking into the horizon while we were sitting on the windy top of the boat.
Today we went to point lookout another nice beach place much closer but it did not have the island feeling.

lg Klemens

Saturday, July 12, 2008

dc misery

...just a little update. i did not get any place at any hostel in DC. so i ll go there another weekend.
today we go to fire island east from here. it is on the open ocean.

Friday, July 11, 2008

trip to DC

ok... today at 2 pm i ll head for NYC to get to DC. i do not have a place to stay so far. I think i just gonna take the bus and see what happens. in the worst case. i ll gonna make through the night or sleep at the bus station. I ll gonna buy some food and the new I phone 3G in NYC.
i should go to bed get some rest work and then start my trip.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garden City Pool

Today nothing special happened. I cooked ricerony and chicken for lunch. After I went to the pool with the kids. They closed it down at 5 pm because of technical difficulties. Maybe somebody puked in it we don't know. For dinner i made cheeseburgers salad and pasta for Andrew. In the evening we watched the lord of the ring "The fellowship of the ring".
I am starting to plan my trip to Washington DC on this weekend. I am looking forward seeing a lot of interesting places there.

lg Klemens

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hoffman Party 4th of July

designated busdrivermonty python - die ritter der kokusnuss knightThe party at Hoffman's was again a big success. Only the wired neighbor was pissing around about the fireworks the people launched.
We were like around 60 people not even Hoffman new all those guys. We had BBQ, campfire, Wee+Beamer, Beer Pong, good weather and kegs of beer.

Kevin B.The next day we cleaned everything up and started over again more civilized.
I took pictures again and put them on Facebook and Picasa.
Today after almost eleven hours of work we met Starbucks-Steve and the rest of the crew. He was celebrating his 21 birthday and got WASTED. I drove and was glad not to able to drink. Earlier that evening I took some tablets because I got a headache.

lg Klemens

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Marquee

Andrea Ulrike  Mike BronwynYello,
yesterday was the independence day. We went to NYC. To see the big Fireworks at the east river we headed for queens.
It was really an amazing fireworks show. They had rockets which shoot cubes, smiles and stripes which last 30 seconds static in the position?!
Bronwyn and ITo take good pictures without a tripod was for me not really possible.
Later when thousands of people wanted to get back to NYC it was impossible to get a cab. Luckily we found a cab reparation garage. The girls ask friendly if they could give us 5 a ride. So we got a 25$ trip which was good because the traffic was terrible and if we would have paid with the clock counter we had to pay more for sure.
We drove to a club called Marquee. Mike got in touch with one of the promoters. I think they are bringing hot girls in the club and get them drunk so that everybody has a great time. That is why we all got in for free and sat in the VIP lounge and got drinks served without paying. It was a very fancy small two floor night-club.
The cheapest bottle in this club is 375$ plus tip makes 650$ just to sit down. They also got bottles up to 10.000$. Mostly millionaires, models and stars are able to get in.
The funny thing is that I was wearing my casual cloths because I did not know we would go there and so I was the most under dressed person in the club. LOL But we all had fun dancing and drinking.
Another thing I can check off my list to do in NYC. Go into a high end club.
At 5 am we finally got home.
Tonight there is gonna be a independence party at Hoffmans it will also gonna be awesome. More about this party later.

lg Klemens

more pics from the night

Thursday, July 3, 2008

LHC particle raceway

The largest experiment of human kind is gonna take place in about 1 month. The "Large Hadron Collider" eng is a 27 km large tubering is built underground in France and Swiss. It will speed up particles and will let them crash 600 mio times per second. Scientist think they will be able to generate a simulated big bang "Urknall". They will create a fireball with enourmous tempretures ("a few billions of Celsius")! = one billion C° = 1 800 000 032 degrees Fahrenheit.
If everything it works like the theoretics promiss it will be the invention or the milestone for our generation. 2500 outstanding scientist, best at each subject from all over the world are working like bees for the greater good. Not a single person understands the whole machine anymore. Its gonna be bigger than the landing on the moon or the invention of the electric light.
They hope to generate mini black holes and finally find the 25 particle called "Higgs".
Some people are afraid this gigantic machine will destroy earth. We will gonna find out when they start launching the particle raceway at the beginning of August.
I am really intrested at the process and the results. I hope we wont blew up earth in a gigantic firestorm or eaten up in a black hole.

lg Klemens

Sunday, June 29, 2008

You don't mess with the Zohan

Yesterday I watched "You don't mess with the Zohan" with Kevin. Adam Sandler is Zohan a Israeli Counter Terrorist. He is tired of the never ending war between Israeli and Palestinian. He has a dream to become a hair stylist in NY. He tries to bluff people that he is dead and moves abroad, but his life is following him.
It is a funny movie with a lot of overacted scenes.
7 out of 10 *******

lg Klemens

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Point Lookout

Today Chris Bronwyn and I went to the beach of point lookout. It had very nice sunny warm weather but the ocean is freaking cold! I did not bring my bath stuff so I went into with my boxers.

lg Klemens

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Happening

The happening 3 out of 10 ***
Bronwyn, Andrea, Ulrike, Chris and I watched "The Happening". That movie is about plants killing humans most likely because of their wasteful behavior. The plants put toxic gases in the air which makes the people kill them self.
The movie was more to laugh than to take it serious.
3 out of 10 stars ***
After the movie we went to a Mexican restaurant where I ate chicken Cesar salad!

lg Klemens

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello everybody,
On the weekend I finished my final weekendclass course at C.W.Post UniversityC.W. Post. Last night I wrote my final post-assignment for the course and handed it in today. I should recive a certificate for finishing my credits, which means i ll get back my deposit.
Now it is official. I am comming home between the 8 and the 10 of september.
Jakob and Sophie are comming to NY between the 2 and the 9th, so maby I ll come home earlier than my siblings. ;)
I am looking forward to see all of you again.
@ Gutbrunners - I am looking forward to our Wiedersehenswasserpfeife.
greetz Klemens

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First time part in a world record

World Record Certificate
More than 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in 24 hours. The Guiness World Record people are now proofing the record. The browser is really nice smooth and got a lot of new cool features. One click bookmarking. Multi text selecting. First I missed my mouse gestures but with an add on the browser is also able to handle that. I recommend the following ones: Fire Gestures, Better Gmail, Forecastfox. To get the add ons you just have to click on Tools and then on Add-ons. Enjoy the new browsing era.

lg Klemens

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thunder Storm

Yesterday at night Bronwyn and I watched a Thunderstorm from the playground. It was somewhere north thats why it did not rain there. It was the first Thunderstorm I saw in America, because I live in the basement. Regretably I did not bring my camera.
Before I went with Mariko to the apple store and asked some questions about the new apple Iphone 3G. It is a I pod touch and the new I phone 2.0. Its gonna come out on July 11 for 199$ with 8GB. I think thats cheap, even if i dont use it as a phone i can go on the internet and use it as ipod touch. The touch right now costs 299$. Lets see if the prizes will drop on July 11.

lg Klemens

Sunday, June 8, 2008

33° Celsius in the shade

today 33° tomorrow 36°
Yesterday night I went out with Kristina, Mariko and Ute a girl from Salzburg she is an au pair from Brooklyn. It was really nice to meet another homeland fellow. We talked a lot about Austria.
The wheater today was terribly hot, we had 33° Celsius in the shade and there was a lot of humidity in the air. When I think about that it will get even more hot I cant look forward to it. Tommorrow it will get 36°.
Austria lost against Croatia 0:1. I couldn't see the match because the match was just on demand and I did not want to pay for it.
I also met a new au pair in Garden City today. Her name is Dorin she was born in Uganda and grew up in Sweden. She seems to be very nice. I ll gonna show her more of the GC tomorrow.

lg Klemens