Sunday, March 23, 2008

Newsletter 44

Today is Saturday before eastern. First of all I ll all wish u a very happy eastern and may the rabbit bring u lots of eggs hehe.
Tonight we gonna go to Websterhall a very large Club mit 40 000 Squarefeet 4 Floors and 5 DJs. Websterhall
We are celebrating a friends birthday. If we go there before 11 pm then we get free entrance. The drinks are expensive but we'll have a few before somewhere else. I ll also take my camera with me. The only bad thing is we dont made up a place to meet. So we hopefully find eachother in the crowds.
I almost finished my first of the 2 letters for Silverbay school.
I thought also about making a webblog but I m not sure about that yet. still 6 month left... maby i ll make one.....?!
So are u having a good time. Right now I do. Its getting a little warmer and I can were my summercoat again. No I did not loose it again mum. :)

have a good one

PS: @ Dad I got the package today, thx alot! I talked to oma a few days ago.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newsletter 43

So I am back from my Weekend Course far north next to the 32 mile long lake George. In Silverbay we had a lot of snow and very senic "real landscape". Garden City is a from scratch planed city and there are no woods. A lot of trees but they are all put there by human.
We did not really learn somthing because we did not focus on one course. Everybody had to take 6 different classes. I took Photography (new everything about it), Kitemaking (painting), Ice cream making (seen before on Youtube), Optical Illusions (this lady read every single word from her powerpoint presentation), American Slang (little bit funny) and Criminal Justice System (with a cop who made not funny jokes - and i saw that u do not have to be educated to be an american cop!)
But all in all it was very nice. The rooms were renovated and had a bath tube. I also met a bunch of new people. I met one guy from Vienna who lives in Bosten. Next time when I go to there i ll visit him and 10 other au pairs from the course. mantcho
Our trip home on sunday took about 7hours. We got a ride with 3 southafrican girls. It was a very funny trip...
Back to work :p
Now I ve to finish my 10 pages to get the credit confirmation. I also have to find a school were i do the rest of my credits.
This week i got a date with a german girl a met in Silverbay. She lives 3 miles away from here. i ve to do the laundry
lg Klemens

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Newsletter 42

Today again an important Newsletter with funny and bad news.
First the bad wrote today an article about drugs in american drinking water... tastes like chlor like a swimming pool. I just drink the house filtered line because it tastes better. But the water is not clean, I highlighted the most important facts in the article red. If u plan to go to america READ it. And the thing what disturbes me most is that the TV Media does not mention a word about the water, the only thing you see is taking up some prostitute ring, corrupt politicans.... they dont give a shi* about their health, that is the reason that people here are so often sick. And so much people have alerigies...
The article was taken away from the front page after a few houres.... New York Times dont mention water on their site at all.... its like they dont want their people to know..
Ahm and some funny news.... American sell Austrian DVDs for 150$....isnt that funny. proof take a look at the picture...
so i did not sleep last night so i am a little tired and go to bed early today...
have a nice day
lg Klemens

Monday, March 10, 2008

Newsletter 41

Hello everybody!

On Saturday I had to work so the weekend is almost over, but my friends and I had a lot of fun seeing a rock coverband in bar. All the people where dressed like bikers. We really made a funny contrast in the bar.
The band played well but they where a little bit to loud. Tonight on Sunday I will go and see Kevin a friend playing hockey.
Last week I took a bunch of pictures at the peer 17. I put them all together and made a panorama. If u take a look at it u can see what i saw from peer 17. on the left there is NYC and on the right there is Brooklyn(495m). The river is called eastriver. I heard that 35 people jump every year from the bridge. I dont know if it is true, I never saw smb jumping.
Next week i gonna meet Mike (Bert) from my old class. And on the weekend Andrea and I will go to Silverbay to get 3 credits. I need 6 to fullfill my program. I also have to get my 10 site reports finished. So far I just wrote 2 of 10. Fortunaly I got another 6 weeks till I have to sign them in.
.....4h later
Now I have been at the Rollerhockey game. Kevins Team won 8 to 3. The game was violent and got ended early because the others gave up.
Today we also changed the time 1h forward.
I hope u r all fine and doing well.
Thanks for the pics, u could send some more...
...ahm ja and special greetings and wishings to Daniela Jesacher... """""HAPPY BIRTHDAY"""""
lg Klemens
PS: Here a automated 360° View generated from Jakob for me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Newsletter 40

wochenende is jetzt auch wieder mal vorbei war am freitag in Floralpark mit Bronwyn unterwegs. Samstags bin ich mit den German Girls "Spiderwick Chronickels" anschauen gegangen. Zuerst dachte ich mir der Film wär für Kinder, davon würd ich aber abraten da die Fabelwesen wirklich sehr hässlich animiert sind. FSK 8 oder 10. Die Story is so naja, hab den Film zuerst runtergeladen, die Geschihchte spielt aber meistens in der Nach also is von einem screenerdownload abzuraten.
climbing up the ropeSonntag morgens sind wir auf nen spatziergang nach NYC aufgebrochen. wieder mal war die Brooklyn Bridge auf unserem Weg. Gegen Abend waren wir dann noch in Murpys wo sie schon verfrüht st. patricks day feierten... jetzt sitz ich hier und weiß nicht was ich schreiben soll. Ja der Dollarkursk ist das erste mal auf 1.518 Euro, sprich europäische Turisten machen ein tolles Geschäft wenn sie herkommen. Schlecht für Leute wie mich die $ verdienen da sie nur mehr die hälfte in Euro wert sind...
soviel dazu....
schicks mal ein paar Fotos wenn euch fad sein sollte...
lg Klemens