Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jakob Sophie Birthday book

Birthday Present
A online present of my siblings. It's a virtuelle book to go through. I really like it thank u!

vlg Klemens

Newsletter 50 ******

Yello everybody!

As u can see the trees here a blooming and we also got a pink tree in front of the house like in Riedegg. Andrew and I tried to put the dogs in position but they are not very fotogen. Crazy Kovu loves to dance and old Kiara always barks if Kovu does steals her toys or just for fun till the family puts Kovu in the Cage.
A few weeks ago I teached Andrew and Adam how to play soccer. Andrew really loves the sport and is getting good. Adam is most often the Goaly and from time to time he puts his pants down just for fun. I told him not to but he thinks he is funny.... CRAZY!
One time we went playing minigulf and another time i showed the kids how to walk 6 blocks without a car!
Tomorrow I am celebrating my birthday @ Kevins house a 25 year old Hockey Fan a good friend of us. He also had birthday yesterday. I will cook Schnitzel and Bronwyn will make potatoe salad.
We gonna stay at his house for 2 or 3 hours and then go out.

so long Klemens

PS: Hier gibts kein Tag der Arbeit am ersten Mai. Hier gibts arbeit auch am ersten Mai! :p

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Newsletter 49

Recently notthing happened here. Except the tree and a lot of plants are blooming. Our news are filled with the pope and the visit in Manhattan. I didn't went to see him. I signed in at C W Post where i ll take my next Courses for another 3 Credits. Then I finally finished all of them. Yesterday I really got papers from Cultural Care about the extending program. But I wont stay here longer. :)
My mother is comming soon to visit me here.
Gas price for one Gallon reaches 4$.
I did not loose my jacket... I found it again.
MEDIA here is stupid!!! ...yesterday they arrested a young boy who wanted to blew up his school with a bomb. They talked about how he wanted to do it and wrote the ingredients like a recipe for a pie on the screen. No wonder the kids get bad ideas if they read what they need... just stupid!

lg Klemens

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Newsletter 48

Serwas Österreich!

Mal wieder ein Letter in Deutsch da mich dieses aktuelle EU Thema interessiert.
Ich bin ja nicht so der Fan von der EU. Ich glaube das unsere Neutralität damit wirklich den Bach runter geht. Wir sollten uns nicht von jmd. andrem lenken lassen. Die Schweiz hat das auch immer noch geschafft. Eurofighter sind erst der anfang. Je größer eine Nation wird desto derber wird die Machtgeilheit und die Wahrheit wird uns verschleiert. - ich sag nur Amerikaner werden hier für blöd verkauft ohne das sie es merken. Ich hoffe dass das nicht uns passiert!!! Fakt is je größer ein Land is desto größer wird auch beschissen.

hier die Broschüre für den Vertrag sieht sehr vielversprechend aus.
aber so wie sie schreiben das die EU keine Einbahnstraße sei kann ich mir das beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen.

Mich würde eure Meinung dazu auch sehr interessieren...

lg Klemens

Monday, April 7, 2008

Newsletter 47

Now we just arrived safety at home from our trip to mount white face next to lake placid. It was a 300 mile 6 h trip. Lake placid (close to the Canadian border and Montreal) is one out of three cities in the world who has hosted winter olympics twice. St. Moriz Swiss and Innsbruck Austria are the other two. L.P. is more a village with a population of 2600. It is very nice friendly and inviting. The mountain is tinny compared to Austrians ones, but the slopes are also very nice. We slept in a small cottage for 65$ a night. The vaccation at all was quite cheap. About 200$ for food skicards, equipment renntings and gas. The snow was already melting but we were still able to go all the way down, but still the consitiance is a little like mashed potatoes diffrent then in Austria. The weather was very sunny and warm.
We also wanted to bobsled but they already closed the icetunnel track after 3pm. Regreadably we all have to work tommorow again.
I hope u r all fine.

lg Klemens

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Newsletter 46

Hello again,
Wow I never got that quick that much response. I did not expect that so much of u really belived my april fools joke. To sum up I will not extend and will come home in September. The rest of the mail was true. I am sorry i hope u are not mad or dissapoitent now. I hope u all had a great 1.of April. Tell me if u made send sombody into april!?
Looking forward seeing all of u again. So I ve to start to work now.
greetings Klemens

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Newsletter 45

Hello everybody,
Today I got a letter from cultural care au pair. They asked me if i want to extend for another 3 month with better paying. I really think I ll gonna stay another 3 moths (till 4 Dec isnt that long) and i could make a little extra money on the side. Hope u are not mad at me that I have to let u wait a little longer for me. I miss all of u too!
My weekend was great I was bartenting for a birthday party with 60 persons and made 125$. The weater is bad again and I ve to work long. But luckily on Friday my friends and I are going to ski 5 h north from here. Its gonna be a cheap little vacation.
@ Bert HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!
Hope u are all fine. Regretably I do not have new pictures. Dont get much mail...
lg Klemens