Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Newsletter 50 ******

Yello everybody!

As u can see the trees here a blooming and we also got a pink tree in front of the house like in Riedegg. Andrew and I tried to put the dogs in position but they are not very fotogen. Crazy Kovu loves to dance and old Kiara always barks if Kovu does steals her toys or just for fun till the family puts Kovu in the Cage.
A few weeks ago I teached Andrew and Adam how to play soccer. Andrew really loves the sport and is getting good. Adam is most often the Goaly and from time to time he puts his pants down just for fun. I told him not to but he thinks he is funny.... CRAZY!
One time we went playing minigulf and another time i showed the kids how to walk 6 blocks without a car!
Tomorrow I am celebrating my birthday @ Kevins house a 25 year old Hockey Fan a good friend of us. He also had birthday yesterday. I will cook Schnitzel and Bronwyn will make potatoe salad.
We gonna stay at his house for 2 or 3 hours and then go out.

so long Klemens

PS: Hier gibts kein Tag der Arbeit am ersten Mai. Hier gibts arbeit auch am ersten Mai! :p

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