Monday, April 7, 2008

Newsletter 47

Now we just arrived safety at home from our trip to mount white face next to lake placid. It was a 300 mile 6 h trip. Lake placid (close to the Canadian border and Montreal) is one out of three cities in the world who has hosted winter olympics twice. St. Moriz Swiss and Innsbruck Austria are the other two. L.P. is more a village with a population of 2600. It is very nice friendly and inviting. The mountain is tinny compared to Austrians ones, but the slopes are also very nice. We slept in a small cottage for 65$ a night. The vaccation at all was quite cheap. About 200$ for food skicards, equipment renntings and gas. The snow was already melting but we were still able to go all the way down, but still the consitiance is a little like mashed potatoes diffrent then in Austria. The weather was very sunny and warm.
We also wanted to bobsled but they already closed the icetunnel track after 3pm. Regreadably we all have to work tommorow again.
I hope u r all fine.

lg Klemens

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