Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today Michelle came to visit us. Bronwyn drove us to Floralpark where we went out. First we went to Duggens and later we drove to Easy Street.

Friday, May 30, 2008


StarshipKevin with cotton candy

After work till 09:30 Bronwyn Andrea, Kevin, and I went to the local fairground. It was already closing so we went on to "Easy Street" in Floralpark. We celebrated Bronwyns final exam till a few month.
After a few drinks Kevin brought me home. We all had to work the next day.

lg Klemens

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Red Bull and Manner Wafers

Austrian Goods
Today was a common working day(1:30pm - 9pm). Before I started I drove with the bike to the next supermarket and bought some Mannerwafferl and Red Bull... Yea we do have favourite Austrian exports. :)

lg Klemens

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

James Hoffman BBQ, NL 54

mmh warm HeinekenHello everybody,
After some batch work I finally got the perfect image-size for the internet.
Everybody is welcome to write comments. If anybody wants to have some of the pictures in high resolution just ask me. Russian and African Anja/Kristina/Bronwyn

I uploaded them on Regredably the order of the time is not 100% correct.cuteSlip & and Slide!Beer Pong James HoffmanKlemens and Joe in tha tree

But i am sure u should be able to find pics of u if u have joined the party. :)
Below here some links with all the pictures:
Overview of all
Here a slide show

About the party: It was an awesome first "real American party" for me. Red Cups, Beer Pong, Slip & Slide and English speaking drunks. Altogether I think it was a big success and i it was nice to have so many different people/cultures together.
I hope everybody had as much fun as me so stay cool. C U @ the next party.

lg Klemens

EDIT: I was able to arrange the Pictures by date now everything should be in order!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Easy street

the folks I/Hoffman/KevinTake a picture of...?

Yesterday Kevin, Hoffmann, Kristina and I went to "easy street" a bar in Floral Park. We a lot of fun. At the Gasstation I bought chips and weired looking cake. It looked like a pink hegehog. It was very nice to hang out with some guys.
...Klemens u dont get it!Klemens and the Girls/ Jule our bartender on the left

I brought my small camera and took a few pix. Tonight we did not decide what we are gonna do. Night is still young 8:46

lg Klemens

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones

Iniana Jones 22 May3:14 am:
Against the bad Canes-crictics of the movie did I betake myself to the premiere and watched the show.
As fan of the Iniana Jones movies which are for sure the last one with Harrison Ford I was a little bit disappointed.
I really liked the beginning it also catches up with the old parts. But some of the scences and dialoges are really stupid.
Just one short scence in words. Indie accidently got to a atombomb testfield. He rescues himself from the nuclear detonation by steping into a leaded fridge. He flys 3 km in the air crashes and gets out without a scratch.
But I promise you a lot of unexpected scences. So watch it yourself.
My rating is just a 6 out of 10. ******

greetz Klemens

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Newsletter 53

Hello everybody,
Its wendsday and the wheather finally got better. We are heading for the weekend and its gonna be nice. On Monday there is a national holiday - Memorial day. My friends and I are gonna have a BBQ at Hoffmans house. A lot of people ar comming. Maby thats the first real american party I am joining as u can see them on the movies. I am sure its gonna be a lot of fun from sunday to monday.
I also wrote a lot of stuff which happend during the last days on my blog... , thats also the reason why my Newsletter will become shorter, so please read to stay informend.

so long/short Klemens

Central Park in transform von Winter zu Frühling meine neueste Foto arbeit

Viel mehr News gibts auf meinem Blog zu lesen

How to post comments

how to write a comment in this blog
Good evening,
Today nothing much happend. It rained the hole day. After I got up I went to sign the monthly meeting pappers for my LCC (Local Childcare Coordinator). Then I made a quick stop at Bronwyns hostparents house to drop of a gift for Magrette (Brons hostmum) for bringing me to the bike store and they also got a labrador mix puppy. It is really cute and small.
Later I picked up the Bicyle which I brought to the store to get it fixed because the chain broke. The bike is in bad shape but i can drive with it. Brakes and tires are ok.
At 3 pm I started to work till 8pm.

lg Klemens

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gapstowe Bridge season transform

Gapstowbridge Central Park south 59th street NYC
Today not much happend regular working day. I finished work @ 10 pm and now I am watching TV. Here an awesome picture (FC) whicht i merged together out of two of my pics from the Gapstowbridge. Hope u like leave a comment!

lg Klemens

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Andrea and UlrikeHello,
I just got home from the websterhall club in NYC. me and AndreaI ve been there with Andrea and Ulrike. We didn't stay long but we walked to the Pennstation thats why it is 4:25 now. Tomorrow or better today i have to work at 8:30 but just till 12. the clubSo i better go to bed now to get some sleep. Hope you are all doing fine.

greetz Klemens

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Newsletter 52 Improove Everywhere

Anouncer dude with megaphoneYo fellows,

Yesterday I participated on my first mission as agent for the online community Impoove Everywhere
About 600 People with cameras met at Foleysquare. The mission was to form up a line accross the Brooklyn Bridge and make a flash wave. Everything got filmed from the Manhattan Bridge. ahm ya lightThe weather was terrible! I rained cats and dogs and there was also a lot of wind on the bridge. We all got soaking wet! I hope it will look good on the video. So far they are still working on the tape.
Here a few pictures. It was dark rainy little foggy... wind and rainahm perfect conditions for taking pictures. :)

vlg Klemens

Friday, May 16, 2008

Narnia Pince Caspian

The new NarniaYello,
Yesterday Andrea Ulrike Chris and I watched the permiere of the new Narnia. We went to the cinema at 11pm and at midnight the movie started. At 2:35am the show was over and we went home tired. I really enjoyed it. I think it was better than the first one.
9 out of 10 *********

lg Klemens

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog archivierung


So heute hab ich alle Newsletter archiviert und sämtliche Bilder und Videos bereitgestellt. Ich hoffe ihr hab Spaß damit. Ihr könnt rechts in der Reiter Leiste nach Datum oder Label(Event) suchen. Oben Links könnt ihr alles eingeben und suchen.
Würd mich sehr freuen falls ihr nach dem Lesen Kommentare hinterlässt.
in diesem Sinne gut Nacht Amerika und guten Morgen Österreich.

lg Klemens :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Newsletter 51


Sorry that I let all of u wait so long for the next Newsletter.Kevins House Party
Ahm yea my friends and I celebrated @ Kevins House Kevins' and my birthday. We had a lot of fun, ate Schnitzel and potatoesalat. Later we went out to a sportsbar in Floralpark. Gappstow BridgeMy mom visited me over the last weekend. I picked her and a her friend up from the airport and drove them to Garden City were we had dinner together with my hostefamily. I showed them the house and brought them to the railway station. The next day we had a 12h sightseeing trip on which they saw for sure more than common turists in a week.Later that day I went out to a birthday party in Downtown with Bronwyn Kevin and Paul. Lilly and Mum in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
The next day I met Mum and Lilly again @ the Guggenheim Museum. They had an exhibit from a famous Chinese Artists. I was the best I ve seen so far in NY. He made art with fire, Tragic Statues and Cai Guo-Qiangstuffed arrowed animals. Thanks again to everybody for the wishes and gifts. @ Konrad thank u for the book I recived it yesterday! @ Anna thank u for the gift I was surprised ;-)attaced there are a lot of pictures of my friends my mum and me. I hope every body is having a great time!

lg Klemens

PS: The new movie from Ashton Kutshur "what happens in Vegas" is watchable funny 8 out of 10 stars********
On Friday 12am my friends and I are gonna watch the new Narnija Movie called "Prince Caspire" i ll tell u if it is worth to watch...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Klemens' Life Blog start

Hallo zusammen!
hab mich gestern zusammengerauft endlich einen Blog zu machen. In diesem Blog werd ich haupsächlich alle Newsletter und Fotos archivieren und ihr könnt natrülich alles nachlesen, anschauen und abonieren.
Gerne könnt ihr mir auch kommentare hinterlassen.
Klemens' Life
Es würde mich freunen wenn ihr es anschaut es war einige Stunden arbeit.
Derzeit alles von 2008, 2007 werd ich erst noch archivieren sobald ich mehr Zeit habe.
Viel Spaß damit. ...und ja ich werde die Newsletter vorerst auch noch via Mail ausschicken, denke aber das ich den Blog wahrscheinlich bald ausführlicher nutzen werde, da ich ihn von überall updaten kann.

vlg Klemens