Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Newsletter 51


Sorry that I let all of u wait so long for the next Newsletter.Kevins House Party
Ahm yea my friends and I celebrated @ Kevins House Kevins' and my birthday. We had a lot of fun, ate Schnitzel and potatoesalat. Later we went out to a sportsbar in Floralpark. Gappstow BridgeMy mom visited me over the last weekend. I picked her and a her friend up from the airport and drove them to Garden City were we had dinner together with my hostefamily. I showed them the house and brought them to the railway station. The next day we had a 12h sightseeing trip on which they saw for sure more than common turists in a week.Later that day I went out to a birthday party in Downtown with Bronwyn Kevin and Paul. Lilly and Mum in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
The next day I met Mum and Lilly again @ the Guggenheim Museum. They had an exhibit from a famous Chinese Artists. I was the best I ve seen so far in NY. He made art with fire, Tragic Statues and Cai Guo-Qiangstuffed arrowed animals. Thanks again to everybody for the wishes and gifts. @ Konrad thank u for the book I recived it yesterday! @ Anna thank u for the gift I was surprised ;-)attaced there are a lot of pictures of my friends my mum and me. I hope every body is having a great time!

lg Klemens

PS: The new movie from Ashton Kutshur "what happens in Vegas" is watchable funny 8 out of 10 stars********
On Friday 12am my friends and I are gonna watch the new Narnija Movie called "Prince Caspire" i ll tell u if it is worth to watch...


Jakob said...

Yes endlich a Blog. I kann deine Newsletter scho nimma segn ;-) *scherz*

Aber so hast auch nachher noch was davon, und es verschwindet net alles in a paar jahren auf irgendeiner kaputten festplatte

Ach ich erinner mich mit Wehmut auch ans Ausland mag auch :-|

Mary said...

jo geil do hosch di wiederaml ma pc ausgetobt ??
aber so wies auschaut gehts dir jo eh blendend
morgen gehts los haben heut zeugnis bekommen und morgen dan schriftlich matura!!!

sein des eigentlich richtige autos da auf dem bild oder ???

ja dann ich wünsch dir was hab noch eine gute Zeit !!


Klemens J. Doppler said...

@ mary
die autos sahen zimlich echt aus aber da war nicht mehr wirklich viel auto dran komplett leer ohne motor ohne unterboden...
dir auch ne super zeit und viel glück bei der matura
lg Klemens