Sunday, June 29, 2008

You don't mess with the Zohan

Yesterday I watched "You don't mess with the Zohan" with Kevin. Adam Sandler is Zohan a Israeli Counter Terrorist. He is tired of the never ending war between Israeli and Palestinian. He has a dream to become a hair stylist in NY. He tries to bluff people that he is dead and moves abroad, but his life is following him.
It is a funny movie with a lot of overacted scenes.
7 out of 10 *******

lg Klemens

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Point Lookout

Today Chris Bronwyn and I went to the beach of point lookout. It had very nice sunny warm weather but the ocean is freaking cold! I did not bring my bath stuff so I went into with my boxers.

lg Klemens

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Happening

The happening 3 out of 10 ***
Bronwyn, Andrea, Ulrike, Chris and I watched "The Happening". That movie is about plants killing humans most likely because of their wasteful behavior. The plants put toxic gases in the air which makes the people kill them self.
The movie was more to laugh than to take it serious.
3 out of 10 stars ***
After the movie we went to a Mexican restaurant where I ate chicken Cesar salad!

lg Klemens

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello everybody,
On the weekend I finished my final weekendclass course at C.W.Post UniversityC.W. Post. Last night I wrote my final post-assignment for the course and handed it in today. I should recive a certificate for finishing my credits, which means i ll get back my deposit.
Now it is official. I am comming home between the 8 and the 10 of september.
Jakob and Sophie are comming to NY between the 2 and the 9th, so maby I ll come home earlier than my siblings. ;)
I am looking forward to see all of you again.
@ Gutbrunners - I am looking forward to our Wiedersehenswasserpfeife.
greetz Klemens

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First time part in a world record

World Record Certificate
More than 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in 24 hours. The Guiness World Record people are now proofing the record. The browser is really nice smooth and got a lot of new cool features. One click bookmarking. Multi text selecting. First I missed my mouse gestures but with an add on the browser is also able to handle that. I recommend the following ones: Fire Gestures, Better Gmail, Forecastfox. To get the add ons you just have to click on Tools and then on Add-ons. Enjoy the new browsing era.

lg Klemens

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thunder Storm

Yesterday at night Bronwyn and I watched a Thunderstorm from the playground. It was somewhere north thats why it did not rain there. It was the first Thunderstorm I saw in America, because I live in the basement. Regretably I did not bring my camera.
Before I went with Mariko to the apple store and asked some questions about the new apple Iphone 3G. It is a I pod touch and the new I phone 2.0. Its gonna come out on July 11 for 199$ with 8GB. I think thats cheap, even if i dont use it as a phone i can go on the internet and use it as ipod touch. The touch right now costs 299$. Lets see if the prizes will drop on July 11.

lg Klemens

Sunday, June 8, 2008

33° Celsius in the shade

today 33° tomorrow 36°
Yesterday night I went out with Kristina, Mariko and Ute a girl from Salzburg she is an au pair from Brooklyn. It was really nice to meet another homeland fellow. We talked a lot about Austria.
The wheater today was terribly hot, we had 33° Celsius in the shade and there was a lot of humidity in the air. When I think about that it will get even more hot I cant look forward to it. Tommorrow it will get 36°.
Austria lost against Croatia 0:1. I couldn't see the match because the match was just on demand and I did not want to pay for it.
I also met a new au pair in Garden City today. Her name is Dorin she was born in Uganda and grew up in Sweden. She seems to be very nice. I ll gonna show her more of the GC tomorrow.

lg Klemens

Saturday, June 7, 2008

EM Soccer

Euro 2008Hello,
It is a nice and warm saturday. Regretably I couldn't join Bronwyn and Ulrike to a trip to Bosten, because I've to work in the morning and in the afternoon.
Right now I have off till 3 pm and I read on that the opening game Swiss and Tschechien is on. I zaped through the TV and found a channel who is hosting the game.
Regretably I am not in Europe to see all the craziness.
I hope u are all enjoying the games. The first 50 minutes where boaring so far. There have been no goals...

lg Klemens

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kong Fu Panda

After a parade with 100 firetrucks in Garden City for a horse race somewhere in the land, I watched Kong Fu Panda with my Hostkids.
It is a nice kids movie i ll give it a 8 out 10. ********
Later I took the train to Floralpark where I met Kevin and Hoffman at Duggens. They are planing to make another party next weekend. Regretably I can not be there because I have to go to the classes at CW Post to get my Credits.

Denkmalschutz Zertifikat
Happy Birthday dad! I made him a certificate for monumental protection. Thanks for the idea Floraian Schwarzenbacher

lg Klemens

Invisible Fence

Today the yardworkers drove with the lawn mover over the cable of the invisible fence and cut it so the dogs counld go outside. Mary ordered the fence people to repair it.
I took a look at it and bought new wire (1,60$) at the Home depot store. Later I attached it to the socket inside and put the wire trough the wall outside. Then I dug up a rill and attached the broken wire to the new wire. I sealed exposed parts and then I connection the ends which I also sealed with tape. Then I took Kovus collar and got shoked! The invisible fence was working again. I burried the cable and let the dogs outside.
Mary canceld the reparation gave me 2$ and if the dogs didn't cross the invisible fence then they get shoked if the would do it now! *-*-*-*-* barf!

lg Klemens

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our possible Route to New Orleans in August

View Larger Map
Bronwyn wants to make a trip xross country east to west. I will most likely go with her till the south coast to New Orleans. On this way we gonna cross Knoxville and Nashville in Tenessee. Driving time about a 22 hours. We want to get there in about 3days and spent two there. Then I will take a plane back to NY and she will get on heading west with Paul who will fly to New Orleans to join the road trip.

so long Klemens

Brooklyn Bridge Improove Everywhere

Brooklyn Bridge 125 years oldhere I amThe video of the flash wave from the Brooklyn Bridge is finally finished. Regrettably it doesnt look that good. At least the GIF and some pictures are pretty awesome...

lg Klemens

GIF wave

Winamp Lyric Plugin

winamp lyric pluginHey,
Today I found a plugin for WinAmp and Windows Media Player. No longer searching for lyrics on the web. Just start listening to your favourite songs in one of these players and the lyrics will be displayed automatically.If the lyrics are not found, you can add them yourself :)
It is really an amazing feature which you wont miss anymore once you got it!

Bronwyn and I checked out Chillis a restaurant chain. It was quite good and afordable. Now I am watching the day after tomorrow.

lg Klemens

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


LAXToday when I picked up Andrew from the bus Joe C. had to come to our house because Mariko went to the dentist. When Adam got home Vincent C. also just got over from the Griffith's house (neighbors). We did the homework together but it was kind of a bit loud. Andrew finished first and started to play basketball.
After Mariko picked up the Como kids, Adam went to play the Smackdown VS RAW 2008 featuring ECW (extreme championship wrestling). At 6 Adam and I read books on the terrace and later Adam Andrew and I played Lacrosse (LAX). At 8 o'clock Adam watched the WWE Monday night Raw show. Andrew went to bed at 08:30. I will get off at 09:30 and then I will call Mariko.

so long Klemens and Adam

Monday, June 2, 2008

Makro Lenses

MudslideThe wheater today was great. Ulrike and I went to Manhattan and it had sun everywhere. I bought new equipment for my Camera Eos 400D at Adorama at 14th street 5/6 Ave. I got a Canon 200mm Telelense, Makro Extensionstubes from Kenko and a Polarizer filter. I just spent 430$/ 273€ because the things where already used. I hope I got some time in the next days to try out my new stuff.New Makro Lenses/Tubes
Later we walked to the Central Park and relaxed in the sun. After burning in the sun we walked to the Pennstation and rode to Mineola. We went to Starbucks and had coffee and tea. Then we walked home.
At night I went with Mariko to Applebees and ate some Onionrings and had a drink called Mudslide (Kahlua and Vannillaicream with chocklate topping).

lg Klemens

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Floralpark Mari Mary

Mariko and I poosingYello,
today I had to work from 3 till 7. After work, Mary from Brooklyn (old Nanny of the neighboors) came to visit. She and Mariko from the Comos came over to my basement. We took some weired pictures and took the train at 11 to Floralpark. Mariko portraitThere we went to Duggens and later walked to Easystreet.
There we met some friendly local people, who took us to another bar at Franklin square.

lg Klemens