Monday, June 2, 2008

Makro Lenses

MudslideThe wheater today was great. Ulrike and I went to Manhattan and it had sun everywhere. I bought new equipment for my Camera Eos 400D at Adorama at 14th street 5/6 Ave. I got a Canon 200mm Telelense, Makro Extensionstubes from Kenko and a Polarizer filter. I just spent 430$/ 273€ because the things where already used. I hope I got some time in the next days to try out my new stuff.New Makro Lenses/Tubes
Later we walked to the Central Park and relaxed in the sun. After burning in the sun we walked to the Pennstation and rode to Mineola. We went to Starbucks and had coffee and tea. Then we walked home.
At night I went with Mariko to Applebees and ate some Onionrings and had a drink called Mudslide (Kahlua and Vannillaicream with chocklate topping).

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