Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thunder Storm

Yesterday at night Bronwyn and I watched a Thunderstorm from the playground. It was somewhere north thats why it did not rain there. It was the first Thunderstorm I saw in America, because I live in the basement. Regretably I did not bring my camera.
Before I went with Mariko to the apple store and asked some questions about the new apple Iphone 3G. It is a I pod touch and the new I phone 2.0. Its gonna come out on July 11 for 199$ with 8GB. I think thats cheap, even if i dont use it as a phone i can go on the internet and use it as ipod touch. The touch right now costs 299$. Lets see if the prizes will drop on July 11.

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Benni said...

I think taking fotos of lightnings would be quite exciting... Some people really hunt thundersstorms just because of this fealing