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have a look at my exhibition in Gallneukirchen.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our track

These are our future stops. I ll add the old places later

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Serwas hello fellas,

We arrived further south in Napier in New Zealand. Its a really awesome place. Small black smooth stones are covering the beach and the water is as clear u can see the fish swimming in the waves.
Here in town there is the national aquarium, where Daniel and I allready where swimming with sharks. They where even bigger than me. A little scary but still fun. People where walking below us in the glass tunel. They where quite exited to see us in the shark tank. :)nn
I got s sunburn on my back and it is hurting! I used sunblock 20. Now we got 30. The sun here is so aggressive!
I added another few pics. Regratably the shark picture didnt come out well because there was no flash allowed. But still u can see a diver in the back to imagine how big these fishys are.

We will stay another day here in that pretty town. On the 10th we will head down to the capital Wellington. Our fary to the south Island will go on friday the 13th. :))
So hope everything is fine at urs. Drop me a line if u want.

greetz Klemens

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yello hello,
how are u. we just reached the almost northernst point of new zealand and are already on our way back to the south. right now we are in a town called Kaitaia. we ll drive to 1200 year old trees with our met fellows susn and flo. they are also from upper austria from kirchdorf.
attaced 2 pics from cape ranga.As u can see I was curious abouth going further north.
greetz Klemens

Friday, January 2, 2009

How to enter the matrix!

wow me 4 years ago with green hair...

New Zealand

In a few days Daniel and my journey around the globe will start. First we will go by train to Vienna and take a plane to London. There we will switch the plane and go to Hong Kong in China. We will stay there for 2 days in a fancy 3 star hotel. Then we hop back onto a plane and fly all the way down to Auckland in New Zealand. There we will spend some days at couch surfing hosts. We will try to buy a camper van or a combi.
Once we have our vehicle Daniel and I are going north and then down on the east side. Later we will go to the south island and see where we will land.
I'll keep you guys on tour. Stay in touch and read the blog!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hope of change


the dove of peace!!!
i am sitting here drinking sparkling water... i am working from mo to saturaday. i am fine.
in the past i am listening a lot to patrice. raggea!
x mas is comming up. i almost got all presents.
my friend florian is comming home from india. i am looking forward to monday going out with him.
gotta go to bed need to work tommorow.
For the love of peace!
"Teach those with guns the power of speach
Remove the bullets from the breach
and feather a nest for the dove of peace!!!

greetz Klemens

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008


hey Folks,
My trip to New Zealand is getting closer and i am looking forward and getting everything ready.
For april I already got a job as glaser in the most awesome skireagion in Austria.
I will work there for about 4 yrs. then i ll study and might come to make a practica in NY. i know those are plans far from now but i'll work into this direction. Hope I will be able to come see a lot of u than again. :)

greetz from the alps
miss ya all!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new Job

So after a very hard high season i got fired at the tire factory. I was not supposed to work longer than the season.
Now I smothly got a job as christmas stand seller in our capital of upperaustira - Linz. I sell stuff from the handycapped workshops from Diakoniewerk.
I really like this job. I just work 5h a day, from Mo-Sa. It is much easier, than piling up truck tires!
I sit in my little waggon with a radiator sell handmade candels, clay candel holders, cards, crosses, iron birds and so on.
I will put a picture up as soon as I took one.
I am finished by Christmas and than have some spare time to arrange everything for my trip to New Zealand.
I hope everybody has a sillent warm and nice christmas time.

god bless ya'll Klemens

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ein quantum Trost.

So I finally watched the new James Bond. (in german of course)
Regretably I am not able to see American Movies earlier in the cinemas like in NY. But so what I still can download them bevor the americans see them in the theaters. hehe just kidding*
Ahm the new Bond played partly in Austria (Bregenz). I never made it there but i always wanted to go there. I ll go there some time after my New Zealand trip.
The movie was good, but I got a little confused some time. A little much Information combined in that movie. Or maby its just me, i dont know. have phun watching it.
7 out of 10 *******

lg Klemens

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Grüzi Folks,
Halloween and the weekend is tomorrow, maybe i ll go out in Linz an dress freaky up. In Austria every year around this time we have a day called Allerheiligen. People go to the graves and pray for the dead ones. So that is the reason why my parents say it is stupid to go out, but still all youth is on the way.
Right now i watch Independence Day. The human are just beating the asses from the aliens.
I still work a lot in the tire factory and i am still tired. I go to bed at 11 and get up arround 6 30.
so good night gotoa go. my mum just offered me some wine

I hope everyone who knows me or reads this blog has an awesome time. have phun @ halloween

lg Klemens

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tires Wondraschek

I got a job at the tire factory in Gallneukirchen. ...and i am TIRED

so long Klemens

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dachstein Icecaves

On Wendsday I went for a mountain trip with the Gutbrunners.
We went to Hallstatt and took the skilift up. First we went to the mamut caves. They are called mamut because they are gigantic cathedral high washed out caves. Later we also went to the Ice caves on the shadeside of the mountain. The ice there is always below the freezinh point.
The cave systems are over 50 miles long. About 1 mile is preparated for tourits. It was really an exciting trip.

Once we saw daylight again we went up all the way to the summit and had an awesome view of gods work.
We walked through foot high snow in Septeber!!!

greetz Klemens

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daniels Birthdayparty

My best friend Daniel had birthday on 9.11, we celebrated it on the weekend on his parents property next to the woods.
we played beer pong for a while.
it was fun but then the austrians wanted to play a game where u have to drink much much faster...better said as fast as u can ... after u hit a target until the oponent put the target up again... hardcore... i am not used to such shit anymore.
Daniel got a waterpipe from the Berndls as bd present and we smoked some good tabacco.
Eitherway the party was a big succes.
In the morning when I woke up in the cold cottage I started the fire again and ran arround wakeing freezing people. I gave them some water to drink and brought them back to the fire.
A few hours later all my family showed up at my home. It was a long day...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cern in 3 minutes - LHC (Large Hardron Colider)

I thought about uploading videos I did not make. I will link more interesting or funny videos in the future.
About the LHC. The start of the first beam was successful. But the first collision with the 2nd one is still outstanding. They will speed everything up to almost the speed of light and then ...nobody knows. Critics say this could happen as well...

Take a look! livecam from Cern

Thursday, September 11, 2008

back in Austria

Hello folks,
I got save back to Austria. Everything is so green here it is wonderful. The variety of food is enormous. ...ah yea i found out that I lost 14 pounds in America!?
But NY was an awesome time I met extraordinary people and became friends with them. NYC is an outstanding city.
When I arrived home i unpacked and started to implement myself again. One of the important things I did the first days, was to cut of the plug of my dell power adapter. As u can see it now has a very nice end and fits into Austrian sockets. :)

The LHC in swiss got launched and it was a huge success. World did not blow up still spins arround the sun. Within the next ten years the scientists will be able to solve more of the worlds secrets.

so much so far. miss u guys from NY
lg Klemens

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tomas Tisch

Labour day (sowas wie der Tag der Arbeit):
Today I visited the studio of Tomas Tisch in Brooklyn. He offered me a job and a place to stay anytime. He is mostly a glass carver and flat glass artist. His studio is at the far end of the quiet Brooklyn bay. The statue of liberty is looking directly into the studio and a nice breeze of saltwater smell comes in the window.
So i might work in the future for him.
At night we went to Joe D. house and had a few beer, nothing much.

lg Klemens

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hamlet 2

Today Kevin and I watched the comedy Hamlet 2. It was a very funny film of a guy who makes a sequel for Hamlet. In the first one everybody dies. So he write the play so that there is a time travel machine to rescue all characters. 8 out of 10 ********

lg Klemens

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Easy, Gustav

Yesterday Kim, Kristen, Kevin, Kristina and me (Klemens - 5 K :)) met at easy street. It was a lot of fun. The girls bought new hats in the city and I was wearing my Abraham Lincoln hat.

Right now they are evacuating New Orleans because of the Hurricane Gustav. The storm already killed a few people further south.
Yesterday the storm had 70 mph. Overnight it gained speed up to 125 mph. I am glad that we were able to visit the city.

thats all...

Update: The storm got today almost got speed up to 150mph. The News say that the storm can reach the category 5, the strongest possible.
Already 1000ds of people are leaving New Orleans. They are good prepared and hope that history does not repeat itself. On the picture I took in NO you can still see the watermark by the entrance of the destroyed beer factory.

greetz Klemens

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Geneva, 7 August 2008. CERN has announced that the first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made on 10 September.
I will get home on the 9th, lets see if the world will go under?!
At least i can spend one day for sure in Austria. :)
Everything will be shown on TV Eurovison.
Cern Press Release
On the picture the room where everything will be operated.
If you want to read what i wrote about the LHC before click here (LHC LINK).

lg Klemens

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The dark knight

Yesterday Bibi, Marion, Chris and I watched the dark knight. It was an outstanding movie. I don't think it connects directly to the old movies, but you can look at it as a single work. The Joker (Heath Ledger) is a really evil bad tough guy. Once a beautiful lady gets blown up. Children started to cry in the cinema.
The movie is rated in for kids from 13 i think, for a reason!
My host dad watched it also with Andrew another day.
I give the movie 10 out of 10 **********
Watch it! But be prepared for lots of fights and really evil scenes.

greetz Klemens