Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road Trip

Our trip was a big success and the things we saw on the road were just amazing.
We started in moderate rain to head southeast. Once we were over the long Veranzano Bridge. We drove with maps to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania I started to drive on 2 o'clock in the morning. I drove to and through Maryland till Virginia. We passed the Exit for the Virgina Tech school, were the horrible massacre was a years ago.
In the next state Tennessee we stopped at Knoxville for the 1987 Worlds Fair. There is the Sun's Sphere. ...maybe some of you remember the episode of Bart Simpson stealing a car heading for the fair.
It was actually "dead" like in the show, but it was still in nice shape. We took a free lift to the top and watched the landscape.
After visiting Knoxville we drove to our first mayor stop, were we camped in Cloudland Canyon - Georgia. It is right next to Chattanooga TN. The canyon was very bushy and green.We camped on a nice place in the middle of the woods. We had a campfire sanitary arrangements for just 12$ the night. In the morning we had two 2cm white scorpions with black stings in our tent. Bronwyn put a cap over them and cut of there tails, before I could say a word. I would have just thrown them in the woods again.
After this little adventure we got back on the road. On our way to New Orleans, we had lunch at a cool restaurant in Alabama. Later we stopped in Mississippi at a Emu farm. A nice old lady and her son told us a lot about the Emu holding. We bought gigantic green eggs, which look like dinosaur ones.
Shortly before Louisiana we wanted to see a Nasa Space Station, but they denied us to enter so we left.
We took a very long bridge into the city. (not the very long one who got blown up by the harrier from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.)
It started to rain and dawn. At our final destination in the French Quarter, we stayed at a former slave house. It was very nicely decorated by an old artist lady.
Later we met Michael Deas a world famous artist, he is a friend of a friend. He drew the intro lady with the torch and the clouds in the background of all the Columbian' Movies. He was so warm and welcoming. He invited us into his house and we drank beer and went out together. We all got singed and dedicated copies of the lady.
The next day he showed us around the city all day and we took lots of pictures. He showed us the still ruined city parts the city and the "easy rider" and "Interview with a vampire" cemeteries. Thousands of houses do still have the red X on the house entrance. The people call them Katrina Tattoos. The military marked the walls so that people knew if there were dead or alive persons or animals inside.
Later we jumped over a fence from a destroyed beer factory. We walked in all rooms and on top of the roof. We had the best view of the city and took dangerous pictured of us sitting on beams with a drop of 50 meters.
At night we went to Burbon street were we all had a strong drink on the outside called Hurricane. It is older than the happening.
In the morning I took a flight back to NY that was were my part of the trip ends.
Bronwyn and Jason are still on the road heading west to Texas, Las Vegas, Denver and San Francisco.

so long Klemens

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Jakob said...

Lol. Knoxville with the SunSphere from Simpsons :-D Veryfunny. Must be also very cool to meet the "Columbia" guy since really everyone knows his pictogramm. Reminds me of how much images we have carved into our brains over the years without the ability to ever forget one ;-)