Sunday, August 3, 2008

German Restaurant

Hello und Serwas
Yesterday I was in the city to pick up my wallet from lost and found. I got everything back except the money. I am just glad that i got my driving license and my IDs.
Bronwyn and I first visited a Museum about Media called Paley (52 street 5-6 ave). I got free entrance tickets from my friend Amber from Bayville. In the museum they had several cinemas were u can walk in and out whenever u want. They also got an exhibition about "Family Guy"
Later we walked down 40 streets to a German restaurant were we met up with James, Joe and Kevin. Pictures are on facebook.

Something different. They found a dead monster in Montauk on Long Island. A lot of people and TV are speculating about what it could be. The cadaver was removed by 3 weird woman, who want to get in contact with scientists. I actually believe it is just a dead ugly animal. Also ORF is writting about it.

lg Klemens

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WOW!! Thats a monster.