Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lost and Found

lost and foundHa! My wallet showed up at Pennstation. Somebody stole my 50$, but my driving license is still in there. I will pick it up in the upcoming days.
Today Bronwyn and I ran on a fitness barcour near Herrics. It was very nice almost like in the Austrian woods and the different training devices. After the running we went back to the peer were Kevin Bronwyns hostkid still was fishing. We did not catch any fish and went back home. In half an hour I start to work.

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday I visited Anna in the city. I lost or got stolen my wallet in in the Penn station. I already closed my bank account. Luckily nobody took something off. I get my new card in 5 days.The only thing i really regret what was in is my Austrian driving license. I still do have my international one but it is not valid without the original one. I will use an excuse for the next to month, so far i never had to show it while driving. What I need to do is to get another ID so that i don't have to carry around my passport. I also called lost and found but in the last 24h nothing showed up.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jason S. Party

Yesterday there was Jason's party. There were about 10 German girls and a lot of other funny nice persons. Also our newest au pair Insa Q.
Our au pair group girls dressed up as upper class prostitute. Keith was playing the pimp with cane, purple hat, ruby ring and black suit. I put most the pictures on Facebook.

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Monday, July 21, 2008


Tonight we went bowling and later watched the movie Blow at Insas house.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Nothing much happend...in the last time. Andrew, Adam, Jack and I are building a 8 foot (2.5m) wooden playhouse in the back yard. So far we constructed the floor and the frames for the walls. It is a nice project but a lot of work. We want to built in a second floor.
Yesterday Kevin, Kristin, Joe and I have been at Easystreet. Tonight we do not have a plan so far.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach of Fire island

Beach of Fire IslandTo sum up Fire island is a very nice place to visit. Different to Longisland it is much smaller and more Island Feeling. The people in the area we went to there all used little strollers to carry food and other stuff. They did not have cars but a lot of bikes. The houses are all built on wood beams.
It is a 40 min ride with the ferry and then u are in a completely different world.
The long large beaches are visited by a lot of tourists.
The tuque water of the ocean splashes in waves up to 4 meters on the beach and takes everything what does not move with it.
Before sunset we had a cocktail in one of the local bars. Then we went on the ferry to get back to our car. The sun was sinking into the horizon while we were sitting on the windy top of the boat.
Today we went to point lookout another nice beach place much closer but it did not have the island feeling.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

dc misery

...just a little update. i did not get any place at any hostel in DC. so i ll go there another weekend.
today we go to fire island east from here. it is on the open ocean.

Friday, July 11, 2008

trip to DC

ok... today at 2 pm i ll head for NYC to get to DC. i do not have a place to stay so far. I think i just gonna take the bus and see what happens. in the worst case. i ll gonna make through the night or sleep at the bus station. I ll gonna buy some food and the new I phone 3G in NYC.
i should go to bed get some rest work and then start my trip.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Garden City Pool

Today nothing special happened. I cooked ricerony and chicken for lunch. After I went to the pool with the kids. They closed it down at 5 pm because of technical difficulties. Maybe somebody puked in it we don't know. For dinner i made cheeseburgers salad and pasta for Andrew. In the evening we watched the lord of the ring "The fellowship of the ring".
I am starting to plan my trip to Washington DC on this weekend. I am looking forward seeing a lot of interesting places there.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hoffman Party 4th of July

designated busdrivermonty python - die ritter der kokusnuss knightThe party at Hoffman's was again a big success. Only the wired neighbor was pissing around about the fireworks the people launched.
We were like around 60 people not even Hoffman new all those guys. We had BBQ, campfire, Wee+Beamer, Beer Pong, good weather and kegs of beer.

Kevin B.The next day we cleaned everything up and started over again more civilized.
I took pictures again and put them on Facebook and Picasa.
Today after almost eleven hours of work we met Starbucks-Steve and the rest of the crew. He was celebrating his 21 birthday and got WASTED. I drove and was glad not to able to drink. Earlier that evening I took some tablets because I got a headache.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Marquee

Andrea Ulrike  Mike BronwynYello,
yesterday was the independence day. We went to NYC. To see the big Fireworks at the east river we headed for queens.
It was really an amazing fireworks show. They had rockets which shoot cubes, smiles and stripes which last 30 seconds static in the position?!
Bronwyn and ITo take good pictures without a tripod was for me not really possible.
Later when thousands of people wanted to get back to NYC it was impossible to get a cab. Luckily we found a cab reparation garage. The girls ask friendly if they could give us 5 a ride. So we got a 25$ trip which was good because the traffic was terrible and if we would have paid with the clock counter we had to pay more for sure.
We drove to a club called Marquee. Mike got in touch with one of the promoters. I think they are bringing hot girls in the club and get them drunk so that everybody has a great time. That is why we all got in for free and sat in the VIP lounge and got drinks served without paying. It was a very fancy small two floor night-club.
The cheapest bottle in this club is 375$ plus tip makes 650$ just to sit down. They also got bottles up to 10.000$. Mostly millionaires, models and stars are able to get in.
The funny thing is that I was wearing my casual cloths because I did not know we would go there and so I was the most under dressed person in the club. LOL But we all had fun dancing and drinking.
Another thing I can check off my list to do in NYC. Go into a high end club.
At 5 am we finally got home.
Tonight there is gonna be a independence party at Hoffmans it will also gonna be awesome. More about this party later.

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more pics from the night

Thursday, July 3, 2008

LHC particle raceway

The largest experiment of human kind is gonna take place in about 1 month. The "Large Hadron Collider" eng is a 27 km large tubering is built underground in France and Swiss. It will speed up particles and will let them crash 600 mio times per second. Scientist think they will be able to generate a simulated big bang "Urknall". They will create a fireball with enourmous tempretures ("a few billions of Celsius")! = one billion C° = 1 800 000 032 degrees Fahrenheit.
If everything it works like the theoretics promiss it will be the invention or the milestone for our generation. 2500 outstanding scientist, best at each subject from all over the world are working like bees for the greater good. Not a single person understands the whole machine anymore. Its gonna be bigger than the landing on the moon or the invention of the electric light.
They hope to generate mini black holes and finally find the 25 particle called "Higgs".
Some people are afraid this gigantic machine will destroy earth. We will gonna find out when they start launching the particle raceway at the beginning of August.
I am really intrested at the process and the results. I hope we wont blew up earth in a gigantic firestorm or eaten up in a black hole.

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