Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hoffman Party 4th of July

designated busdrivermonty python - die ritter der kokusnuss knightThe party at Hoffman's was again a big success. Only the wired neighbor was pissing around about the fireworks the people launched.
We were like around 60 people not even Hoffman new all those guys. We had BBQ, campfire, Wee+Beamer, Beer Pong, good weather and kegs of beer.

Kevin B.The next day we cleaned everything up and started over again more civilized.
I took pictures again and put them on Facebook and Picasa.
Today after almost eleven hours of work we met Starbucks-Steve and the rest of the crew. He was celebrating his 21 birthday and got WASTED. I drove and was glad not to able to drink. Earlier that evening I took some tablets because I got a headache.

lg Klemens

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