Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach of Fire island

Beach of Fire IslandTo sum up Fire island is a very nice place to visit. Different to Longisland it is much smaller and more Island Feeling. The people in the area we went to there all used little strollers to carry food and other stuff. They did not have cars but a lot of bikes. The houses are all built on wood beams.
It is a 40 min ride with the ferry and then u are in a completely different world.
The long large beaches are visited by a lot of tourists.
The tuque water of the ocean splashes in waves up to 4 meters on the beach and takes everything what does not move with it.
Before sunset we had a cocktail in one of the local bars. Then we went on the ferry to get back to our car. The sun was sinking into the horizon while we were sitting on the windy top of the boat.
Today we went to point lookout another nice beach place much closer but it did not have the island feeling.

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