Thursday, July 3, 2008

LHC particle raceway

The largest experiment of human kind is gonna take place in about 1 month. The "Large Hadron Collider" eng is a 27 km large tubering is built underground in France and Swiss. It will speed up particles and will let them crash 600 mio times per second. Scientist think they will be able to generate a simulated big bang "Urknall". They will create a fireball with enourmous tempretures ("a few billions of Celsius")! = one billion C° = 1 800 000 032 degrees Fahrenheit.
If everything it works like the theoretics promiss it will be the invention or the milestone for our generation. 2500 outstanding scientist, best at each subject from all over the world are working like bees for the greater good. Not a single person understands the whole machine anymore. Its gonna be bigger than the landing on the moon or the invention of the electric light.
They hope to generate mini black holes and finally find the 25 particle called "Higgs".
Some people are afraid this gigantic machine will destroy earth. We will gonna find out when they start launching the particle raceway at the beginning of August.
I am really intrested at the process and the results. I hope we wont blew up earth in a gigantic firestorm or eaten up in a black hole.

lg Klemens

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