Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Marquee

Andrea Ulrike  Mike BronwynYello,
yesterday was the independence day. We went to NYC. To see the big Fireworks at the east river we headed for queens.
It was really an amazing fireworks show. They had rockets which shoot cubes, smiles and stripes which last 30 seconds static in the position?!
Bronwyn and ITo take good pictures without a tripod was for me not really possible.
Later when thousands of people wanted to get back to NYC it was impossible to get a cab. Luckily we found a cab reparation garage. The girls ask friendly if they could give us 5 a ride. So we got a 25$ trip which was good because the traffic was terrible and if we would have paid with the clock counter we had to pay more for sure.
We drove to a club called Marquee. Mike got in touch with one of the promoters. I think they are bringing hot girls in the club and get them drunk so that everybody has a great time. That is why we all got in for free and sat in the VIP lounge and got drinks served without paying. It was a very fancy small two floor night-club.
The cheapest bottle in this club is 375$ plus tip makes 650$ just to sit down. They also got bottles up to 10.000$. Mostly millionaires, models and stars are able to get in.
The funny thing is that I was wearing my casual cloths because I did not know we would go there and so I was the most under dressed person in the club. LOL But we all had fun dancing and drinking.
Another thing I can check off my list to do in NYC. Go into a high end club.
At 5 am we finally got home.
Tonight there is gonna be a independence party at Hoffmans it will also gonna be awesome. More about this party later.

lg Klemens

more pics from the night

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