Sunday, February 8, 2009

Serwas hello fellas,

We arrived further south in Napier in New Zealand. Its a really awesome place. Small black smooth stones are covering the beach and the water is as clear u can see the fish swimming in the waves.
Here in town there is the national aquarium, where Daniel and I allready where swimming with sharks. They where even bigger than me. A little scary but still fun. People where walking below us in the glass tunel. They where quite exited to see us in the shark tank. :)nn
I got s sunburn on my back and it is hurting! I used sunblock 20. Now we got 30. The sun here is so aggressive!
I added another few pics. Regratably the shark picture didnt come out well because there was no flash allowed. But still u can see a diver in the back to imagine how big these fishys are.

We will stay another day here in that pretty town. On the 10th we will head down to the capital Wellington. Our fary to the south Island will go on friday the 13th. :))
So hope everything is fine at urs. Drop me a line if u want.

greetz Klemens

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