Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new Job

So after a very hard high season i got fired at the tire factory. I was not supposed to work longer than the season.
Now I smothly got a job as christmas stand seller in our capital of upperaustira - Linz. I sell stuff from the handycapped workshops from Diakoniewerk.
I really like this job. I just work 5h a day, from Mo-Sa. It is much easier, than piling up truck tires!
I sit in my little waggon with a radiator sell handmade candels, clay candel holders, cards, crosses, iron birds and so on.
I will put a picture up as soon as I took one.
I am finished by Christmas and than have some spare time to arrange everything for my trip to New Zealand.
I hope everybody has a sillent warm and nice christmas time.

god bless ya'll Klemens

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