Friday, June 6, 2008

Invisible Fence

Today the yardworkers drove with the lawn mover over the cable of the invisible fence and cut it so the dogs counld go outside. Mary ordered the fence people to repair it.
I took a look at it and bought new wire (1,60$) at the Home depot store. Later I attached it to the socket inside and put the wire trough the wall outside. Then I dug up a rill and attached the broken wire to the new wire. I sealed exposed parts and then I connection the ends which I also sealed with tape. Then I took Kovus collar and got shoked! The invisible fence was working again. I burried the cable and let the dogs outside.
Mary canceld the reparation gave me 2$ and if the dogs didn't cross the invisible fence then they get shoked if the would do it now! *-*-*-*-* barf!

lg Klemens


benni said...

Strange education-methodes... what if the dog is stuck anywhere outside of his area? :( ..

Klemens J. Doppler said...

whenever he leaves the area he get imeadeatly shocked... i dont think that this situation will happen but still i wouldn't buy such fence. if u dont have anough time for ur dog u should hire somebody or dont get one.