Tuesday, May 27, 2008

James Hoffman BBQ, NL 54

mmh warm HeinekenHello everybody,
After some batch work I finally got the perfect image-size for the internet.
Everybody is welcome to write comments. If anybody wants to have some of the pictures in high resolution just ask me. Russian and African Anja/Kristina/Bronwyn

I uploaded them on flickr.com. Regredably the order of the time is not 100% correct.cuteSlip & and Slide!Beer Pong James HoffmanKlemens and Joe in tha tree

But i am sure u should be able to find pics of u if u have joined the party. :)
Below here some links with all the pictures:
Overview of all
Here a slide show

About the party: It was an awesome first "real American party" for me. Red Cups, Beer Pong, Slip & Slide and English speaking drunks. Altogether I think it was a big success and i it was nice to have so many different people/cultures together.
I hope everybody had as much fun as me so stay cool. C U @ the next party.

lg Klemens

EDIT: I was able to arrange the Pictures by date now everything should be in order!

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