Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Newsletter 53

Hello everybody,
Its wendsday and the wheather finally got better. We are heading for the weekend and its gonna be nice. On Monday there is a national holiday - Memorial day. My friends and I are gonna have a BBQ at Hoffmans house. A lot of people ar comming. Maby thats the first real american party I am joining as u can see them on the movies. I am sure its gonna be a lot of fun from sunday to monday.
I also wrote a lot of stuff which happend during the last days on my blog... , thats also the reason why my Newsletter will become shorter, so please read to stay informend.

so long/short Klemens

Central Park in transform von Winter zu Frühling meine neueste Foto arbeit

Viel mehr News gibts auf meinem Blog zu lesen

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