Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Newsletter 49

Recently notthing happened here. Except the tree and a lot of plants are blooming. Our news are filled with the pope and the visit in Manhattan. I didn't went to see him. I signed in at C W Post where i ll take my next Courses for another 3 Credits. Then I finally finished all of them. Yesterday I really got papers from Cultural Care about the extending program. But I wont stay here longer. :)
My mother is comming soon to visit me here.
Gas price for one Gallon reaches 4$.
I did not loose my jacket... I found it again.
MEDIA here is stupid!!! ...yesterday they arrested a young boy who wanted to blew up his school with a bomb. They talked about how he wanted to do it and wrote the ingredients like a recipe for a pie on the screen. No wonder the kids get bad ideas if they read what they need... just stupid!

lg Klemens

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