Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newsletter 43

So I am back from my Weekend Course far north next to the 32 mile long lake George. In Silverbay we had a lot of snow and very senic "real landscape". Garden City is a from scratch planed city and there are no woods. A lot of trees but they are all put there by human.
We did not really learn somthing because we did not focus on one course. Everybody had to take 6 different classes. I took Photography (new everything about it), Kitemaking (painting), Ice cream making (seen before on Youtube), Optical Illusions (this lady read every single word from her powerpoint presentation), American Slang (little bit funny) and Criminal Justice System (with a cop who made not funny jokes - and i saw that u do not have to be educated to be an american cop!)
But all in all it was very nice. The rooms were renovated and had a bath tube. I also met a bunch of new people. I met one guy from Vienna who lives in Bosten. Next time when I go to there i ll visit him and 10 other au pairs from the course. mantcho
Our trip home on sunday took about 7hours. We got a ride with 3 southafrican girls. It was a very funny trip...
Back to work :p
Now I ve to finish my 10 pages to get the credit confirmation. I also have to find a school were i do the rest of my credits.
This week i got a date with a german girl a met in Silverbay. She lives 3 miles away from here.
...so i ve to do the laundry
lg Klemens

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