Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Newsletter 42

Today again an important Newsletter with funny and bad news.
First the bad CNN.com wrote today an article about drugs in american drinking water... tastes like chlor like a swimming pool. I just drink the house filtered line because it tastes better. But the water is not clean, I highlighted the most important facts in the article red. If u plan to go to america READ it. And the thing what disturbes me most is that the TV Media does not mention a word about the water, the only thing you see is taking up some prostitute ring, corrupt politicans.... they dont give a shi* about their health, that is the reason that people here are so often sick. And so much people have alerigies...
The article was taken away from the front page after a few houres.... New York Times dont mention water on their site at all.... its like they dont want their people to know..
Ahm and some funny news.... American sell Austrian DVDs for 150$....isnt that funny. ...as proof take a look at the picture...
so i did not sleep last night so i am a little tired and go to bed early today...
have a nice day
lg Klemens

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