Sunday, March 23, 2008

Newsletter 44

Today is Saturday before eastern. First of all I ll all wish u a very happy eastern and may the rabbit bring u lots of eggs hehe.
Tonight we gonna go to Websterhall a very large Club mit 40 000 Squarefeet 4 Floors and 5 DJs. Websterhall
We are celebrating a friends birthday. If we go there before 11 pm then we get free entrance. The drinks are expensive but we'll have a few before somewhere else. I ll also take my camera with me. The only bad thing is we dont made up a place to meet. So we hopefully find eachother in the crowds.
I almost finished my first of the 2 letters for Silverbay school.
I thought also about making a webblog but I m not sure about that yet. still 6 month left... maby i ll make one.....?!
So are u having a good time. Right now I do. Its getting a little warmer and I can were my summercoat again. No I did not loose it again mum. :)

have a good one

PS: @ Dad I got the package today, thx alot! I talked to oma a few days ago.

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