Monday, March 10, 2008

Newsletter 41

Hello everybody!

On Saturday I had to work so the weekend is almost over, but my friends and I had a lot of fun seeing a rock coverband in bar. All the people where dressed like bikers. We really made a funny contrast in the bar.
The band played well but they where a little bit to loud. Tonight on Sunday I will go and see Kevin a friend playing hockey.
Last week I took a bunch of pictures at the peer 17. I put them all together and made a panorama. If u take a look at it u can see what i saw from peer 17. on the left there is NYC and on the right there is Brooklyn(495m). The river is called eastriver. I heard that 35 people jump every year from the bridge. I dont know if it is true, I never saw smb jumping.
Next week i gonna meet Mike (Bert) from my old class. And on the weekend Andrea and I will go to Silverbay to get 3 credits. I need 6 to fullfill my program. I also have to get my 10 site reports finished. So far I just wrote 2 of 10. Fortunaly I got another 6 weeks till I have to sign them in.
.....4h later
Now I have been at the Rollerhockey game. Kevins Team won 8 to 3. The game was violent and got ended early because the others gave up.
Today we also changed the time 1h forward.
I hope u r all fine and doing well.
Thanks for the pics, u could send some more...
...ahm ja and special greetings and wishings to Daniela Jesacher... """""HAPPY BIRTHDAY"""""
lg Klemens
PS: Here a automated 360° View generated from Jakob for me.

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